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Porsche Weekly, Bay Area California native, has always had star power. Her passion for entertainment developed in elementary school when she began cheerleading. With her outgoing characteristics, Porsche continued cheerleading until she graduated high school in 2002. Her passion for performing in front of an audience continued to blossom. As an adult, Porsche began working for Budweiser while attending Merritt College in Oakland CA. Soon after, Porsche began hosting major events such as The Dub Car Show, NFL Games, and The Black Comedy Explosion. During her experience at Budweiser, Porsche was introduced to the art of photography. She immediately fell in love. Since discovering her love for photography, Porsche has developed a robust modeling portfolio. Featured in SHOW Magazine and Pressure Magazine, Porsche continues to submit pictures to various agencies and companies throughout the US. Porsche resides in California, traveling between Northern and Southern California for professional bookings regularly. Intriguing the social media community with her captivating personality and undeniable sex appeal, Porsche created a catchy stage name for herself in 2003. The name Bay Beauty Queen symbolizes how proud Porsche is to be a Bay Area native. Through mediums such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube, Porsche is also known as Bay Beauty Queen. Since creating her stage name Bay Beauty Queen, Porsche's Web activity has garnered thousands of views and acquired her a substantial following in addition to all the attention she has received from club appearances and promotional events. Porsche plans to make Bay Beauty Queen a household name and brand on a international level ultimately solidifying her position among the biggest names in the modeling industry. Porsche is a strong, passionate, and determined model. Porsche plans on using her captivating photos to acquire recognition and increase her fan base. Nothing can prevent Porsche from achieving her goals, she's determined to embrace her star power qualities.  

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